Welcome to the Beautiful Black Forest

Hospitality is a heartfelt tradition in the Black Forest area that leaves nothing to be desired. The hotel has been in family property since 1900. Enjoy the wonderful landscape of the Black Forest nature park, or the scenery of Freudenstadt’s famous marketplace. That’s where we are – you can find the Hotel Schwanen at the heart of this health resort. Enjoy your stay at our hotel and spend your evenings with a delightful dinner at our restaurant.

Do you have questions or feedback? Contact us! We gladly remain reachable for you at any time.


♪  I see trees of  green, red roses too ♪

Greater Freedom

If you stay with us for two nights or more we will present you with a special gift: a free Schwarzwald Plus card! Free admissions to swimming pools, reduced fees for miniature golf courses, and many other extras. Only passing through? If you stay with us for one night you will receive the KONUS Guest Card, allowing you to freely use all bus and train routes. Book today and discover the Black Forest from its most beautiful side!

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♪ I see them bloom for me and you ♪

Help Where it is Needed

In our restaurant you can enjoy the Nepalese specialty “Dal Bhat” for EUR 11.- 3 EUR of every such order will be donated to a disaster recovery fund, to commemorate the Nepal earthquake victims of 2015 and give hope to their families, where help is needed the most: ANSWER Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund – HELP arriving immediately. As I personally know the founder of ANSWER, and as my daughter spent six months in Nepal herself, I know that the donations will absolutely reach their destination!

– Michaela Bukenberger

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♪ And I think to myself: what a wonderful world ♪
– Louis Armstrong